@ Szenarien über Europa

Mixed-media installation. In collaboration with Jun Yang, Koki Tanaka, Oliver Klimpel and Barbara Steiner in „SZENARIEN ÜBER EUROPA”, Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig, 2012


Here, two specific places, that is, two institutions for contemporary art, have been brought into a spatial and conceptual overlap in order to create an in-between space. A wall drawing was attached to a wall adjacent to the glassed-in cinema space of GFZK Leipzig which duplicates a corner of the VitaminCreativeSpace in Beijing. In this wall drawing, there is a picture in a frame on a wall which consists of a text that is mirrored. The scenery drawn on the existing wall can also be viewed in the mirroring surface of the glass wall. It is only there that the text in the picture can be deciphered – a framed text by a Japanese artist (Koki Tanaka) who was invited to take part in this exhibition which takes place in this imaginary space of the mirror. Therby one might say – the setting produces an in-between space– neither here nor there, but located in the relational landscape of dialogue, negotiation und hybridity