Exhibition Architecture

Exhibition architecture and permanent display by Christof Schlegel and Christian Teckert, Kunstverein Wolfsburg, 2000

Images of the Kunstverein Wolfsburg with exhibition views of the exhibition STUDIOCITY. Photos: Wolfgang Thaler

The exhibition STUDIOCITY conceived and curated by the Office for cognitive Urbanism (Andreas Spiegl, Christof Schlegel, Christian Teckert) at the Kunstverein Wolfsburg focused on the meaning of the car for the city-perception.


The architecture for the exhibition was planned as the permanent display situation for the Kunstverein Wolfsburg by Christof Schlegel and Christian Teckert. It adresses the precarious conditions of inside and outside. The areas of the exhibition space are deliberately kept ambivalent, so that a clear allocation is not possible a priori. The new ground floor flows around the area on the outside, while inside the original Travertin-floor, a classical outdoor material, appears. A goal was to create a structure whose spacialities and meanings can be redefined again and again, without making the material architecture itself flexible. And this scope of action requires a permanent positioning and renegotiation both the institutional, curatorial side as well as the respective artistic intervention. STUDIOCITY was the first exhibition project in the converted space.