Exhibition Display

Design of the exhibition display by Office for Cognitive Urbanism (Andreas Spiegl and Christian Teckert) at the Rovereto Railway Station, Manifesta 7, Rovereto, 2008

A project by Office for Cognitive Urbanism

For the manifeSTATION project - as part of  Manifesta 7 taking place in 4 cities and disseminated within the region Alto Adige/Trentino - the Office for Cognitive Urbanism has chosen the railway station as a site representing an urban gate, an interconnection between the cities as well as larger spatial expansions. It is an inbetween place defined by arrivals and departures – also related to expectations, anticipations, the imaginary.  The Office for Cognitive Urbanism intervened with other architectural perspectives opening up spaces for different manifestations of cultural, political or economical incongruencies – reflected in the works by the invited artists: Azra Aksamija, Andreas Duscha, Sonia Leimer, Christian Mayer, Kamen Stoyanov, Adrien Tirtiaux and Anna Witt. The manifeSTATION marks a site – in and outside of the city, neither here not yet away.